Thursday, November 18, 2004


Impressions of ''

Impressions of ''
This documentary on conception, organization, management, and decline of a upstart dot-com company brought great insight into how companies should and should not be run. ‘’ revealed some of the professional and personal sacrifices that are sometimes made in the corporate world – especially in the dot-com industry – in order to attain some level of success.
Although there were no clear antagonists in the films other than a visiting rival from their competition and unknown saboteurs, the true enemies were the central characters’ respective egos. Driven by their motivation to make money in the short term instead of investing their time and energy in coordinating long term strategies for their company’s success obviously caused the company’s demise. However, their lack of faith in each other added to their troubles.
I once considered embarking on a business venture with some friends despite stories I have heard about previous ventures resulting in dissolved friendships. Our consideration of this venture was similar to how the 3 friends featured in the film based the potential for their idea to succeed: having a unique innovative idea that would be profitable; having some background and knowledge in the field we were pursuing; and friendship. However, there were intangibles that we could not predict, which could have resulted in either great triumph or utter disaster.
The picture did a great job of illustrating just how crucial networking, organization, and some intangibles are to bringing unique ideas into the mainstream. By the documentary’s end, however, I was left wondering if some sacrifices made in pursuit of professional success were truly worthwhile. Is it worth burning bridges to get ahead in the world? Is it worth it to retain personal relationships that might impair the potential for building new professional relationships? These questions are among many others that we must ask ourselves along the path of achieving professional success.

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